Assignments for 05/13/2024

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Assignments due for the week of May 13th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We finished our discussion of the rest of the book, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. I answered any questions anyone had regarding the book or the study guide questions. We applied some of our literary terms to this book, and then took the second quiz. We divided into teams for a competitive review of the entire book. It was one of our closest games yet! We will take the test on the book at the beginning of the next class. If you need to review, be prepared for the test next week. Also, we will take Quiz #1 on the background material for To Kill a Mockingbird (the Great Depression). Study and read page 2 and pages 18-26 in your orange study guide. This is another grade to help your average. If you have time, you can begin studying for our final exam. We will go over a lot of the literary terms next week and also review all that the test will cover.

Watch the following explanation of one of our terms: onomatopoeia.

Public Forum Debate

We had the second of our three major debates today. The winners are as follows:

Debate #1: The minimum wage should NOT be raised to $15 per hour nationally.

Debate #2: U.S. Supreme Court Justices should be elected by the people for 8-year terms, renewable one time. (Maximum 16 years of service)

Our last debate will be Monday, May 20 and will serve as their final exam. They should put into practice the things we have gone over all semester and also heed the comments you were given by various judges. The students chose their topics and the side they wanted to “argue” for. The first debate will be on whether or not the government should lessen the gap between the rich and the poor.

PRO—Yes—Scott, Autumn, Cody, and Adam
CON—No—Zach, Wyatt, Austin, Zeke, and Yuna

Begin your research this week and decide what your points would be and what role you would like to play. You will have time to work in class on writing the constructive and including your strongest points.

Our second debate will be on lowering the drinking age to 18 or keeping it at 21.

CON—leaving it at 21—Ben, Ian, Huck, Keely, and Alura.
PRO—changing to 18—Eda, Ellie, Rocky, Paul, and Erica.

American History

Today, the students were given a study guide for the final exam. The exam will cover the entire year, but you only need to know and remember the most important things. Go through each of the 30 chapters and make a list of those things you need to know. The dates you need to know are also listed on the study guide. Use that to study these important people and places in our country’s history.

Students received papers back from last tests, and we finished our Presidential reports. I then went through all that each student would need to know about the Presidents. You need to know only a few basic facts about each one. We will also have our test on the location of each state next week. You can study the map on pages 540 and 541 for the location of states test. You can also study the order of the Presidents on page 538. (Our second test will cover Presidents 25-46—add Joe Biden to the list at #46. Also, read our last chapter (30) for next week. We will go over the last chapters that we have not yet been tested on. They will be on the final exam.

The Deadliest Attack on American Soil

No-Spin Economics

Today, we spent time going over what your credit score is and what it means. We viewed via Powerpoint a review of some basic economic principles that everyone should know now. We also took a quiz on Crash Course Economics #12 and Penny Candy Chapter 13.

Next week, we will have a test on Penny Candy Chapters 1-13. We will have a competitive game to review all of these chapters and points before we take the test. These chapters will also be on the final exam, but you will have already studied them!

Explorations in British Literature

Today, the students were given a study guide to use to prepare for the final exam. We went over each item. I left room between each item to write notes from your text or facts that I gave you. We then went over the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the study guide you did on the biography pages I gave you. If you have all of these answers, you will do well on the test, which is all multiple choice. Also, complete the sheets I gave you on more current British authors—C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Agatha Christie. You can find any answer to the two worksheets on your computer. Next week, we will talk about the Sherlock Holmes story you read and the worksheet you completed.

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