Assignments for 10/23/2023

Assignments due for the week of October 23rd, 2023

Country path in fall

Quick Looks at Great Books

We are now totally caught up with our quizzes and discussions! We finished talking about what was read last week, and then we went over (with lots of explanations) Chapters 20-24, the reading for today. We also took both Quiz #3 and Quiz #4.

Next week, we will start the final “Book” of the novel. Read Chapters 1-10 and answer questions 59-72 in your study guides. We have one more reading assignment before we finish the book. The French Revolution is in full swing now, and events are very fast-paced. You will have lots of new information in this book and lots of surprises too. Enjoy the suspense of this section! You will see each character’s “true colors” come through!


We went over the instructions for the math test and how to grid your answers for the last four problems. Next week, we will take the last PSAT test—the longer (45 minute) test. PLEASE BRING A CALCULATOR TO CLASS WITH YOU NEXT WEEK. This time the calculator will save you some time and help reduce silly errors. To practice for this test, do the same thing as you did last week. Go to Khan Academy. Try to practice problems from each of their four areas: Heart of algebra, Problem-solving and data analysis, Passport to advanced math, and Additional topics in math. We will review problems you missed from this week’s test before you take the last one. We also reviewed some vocabulary words common in reading passages on standardized tests.

American History

We reviewed all of Chapter 6, and students were given the names, places, and terms to know from the Chapter Review. Next week, we will have our second test on Chapters 4-6. Before we take the test, we will do a competitive game to review all the material. This will help immensely with your performance on the test! Study so that you can see in the review anything you might have missed. For next week, read part of Chapter 7—pages 88-97. (Review questions through Section 7.2)

Watch the following video to explain “The Great Compromise”.

U.S. Government

We took our third quiz today, and since I had given them everything that was on the test, I think they will do well. We covered the lesson on Voting that they did for this week. Then we watched a Powerpoint to learn how the Electoral College works. The students took notes on the sheet of questions that I gave them. Next week, we will play a game to more fully understand how it works.

For next week, complete Lessons 9 and 10 on the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The answers to the Crosswords are below.

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Now they are able to complete pages 34-36 and 38-40 I also plan to give them a new map of electoral votes for each state based on the 2020 census. There were some changes made. Some states lost electoral votes and some states gained them. I want to make sure they have those for this next Presidential election. See if your student can explain how the Electoral College works in our Presidential elections today. Make sure your student(s) explain to you how a state gets a certain number of electoral votes and why some states lost them in this last census.

Watch the following brief video to further understand our Electoral College.

British Literature

I checked to see if they had done their crossword page on Chaucer’s characters in The Canterbury Tales, and then we reviewed all of them for our test on the Middle Ages. We will review once more the tales and characters, the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the legend and death of King Arthur, and the three short poems they are reading for next week. In your text, read “Three Sorrowful Things” on page 40, “Maiden in the Moor” on page 41, and “Fair Margaret and Sweet William” on pages 42 and 43. Answer the questions on each poem and on page 43, summarize in one paragraph what took place in the last ballad. The students will have a list of what to study for the test on the Middle Ages this next week, and we will be ready to start the Renaissance and the works of Shakespeare. The students will have their first assignment in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare in two weeks. Make sure you have a copy of the book by then. (Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare) You can check it out at the library, borrow it, buy it used, order it online, or get it at any bookstore. Let me know if you have any questions.

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