Assignments Update

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Happy Summer!

The students did a super job with final exams today. We did a competitive game review before each exam, which should help a great deal! The students would really like their exams back, so I will average the grades for each semester, grade their exams, and do their transcript sheets. For graduates, I will have them for them Thursday night at the graduation ceremony at Centerpoint. For all other students, I will have everything for them two weeks from today. (Monday, June 3) Registration for next year’s KAT classes will begin on that day. We will be at Centerpoint all day on that Monday. Please see me for your student’s work. I will not only have their graded exam, but also a transcript with class description and grade for your records. Even if you are not signing up for any of my classes, please come by and pick up their grades.

If your student is in high school and has not taken my Government/Economics class, next year is the perfect year—a Presidential election year! I will have many activities for them to do with regard to the election. Getting parents involved with their student is a key goal. They will have sheets to fill out with their parents as they watch the election unfold on TV. It is only once in a student’s high school career that he or she can watch the Electoral College in action. If they have already had Government, I also teach American History and American Literature. Anything having to do with America will definitely be a plus for next year! American History will help you appreciate our great nation and all it stands for!

I look forward to seeing as many parents as possible on Monday, June 3 for the KAT registration. If for some reason, you cannot make that registration day but would like your graded exam and transcript sheet, just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope to the following address.

Karen Kiser
8155 N. 27th St.
Richland, MI 49083

Thanks for sharing your son or daughter with me this year. We have had a great time!

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