Assignments for 09/25/2023

Assignments due for the week of September 25th, 2023

Welcome Back

Quick Looks at Great Books

We had a great set of reports today on characters and events in the French Revolution. We then went through the background material in their study guides that the students read for today. We also had our first quiz on the things you learned and that we went over in class about the French Revolution

Now that you have the background for the setting of the novel, for next week, begin this great book by reading Book One: Recalled to Life (Chapters 1-6) Answer Questions 1-14 (pages 40 and 41) in your study guide. We will discuss the entire reading and go over all the questions (yours and the study guide’s) before we take our quiz. Students were also given a Literary Terms workbook to put in a binder, which we will work on throughout the year. Let me know if you have any questions at all.


We practiced together today the sample Reading tests in their textbooks. We went over all of the answers and explained what answers the writers of the tests would like to get. Since we did not finish the last practice test, complete that sample test on “The Great Seal” and answer the ten questions that follow. (pages 19—22) We will go over these together to see how they did before we take the previously given Reading Test (60 minutes) in a timed setting. They should know exactly what to expect on each of the five reading passages. I will pass back their graded answer sheets next week. They may keep the test itself in their notebooks for future review.

American History

We talked through Chapters 1 and 2 in your text about the discovery of a New World for the explorers. Who knew how large the world really was and that there was another continent that no one knew about! We will have a short quiz on some of the major events in Chapters 1 and 2. Students were given a list of people and terms to study for our first test to come when we review Chapters 1-3. Read Chapter 3 in your text for next week. We will go over what you need to know about the early beginnings of our country.

Watch The Protestant Reformation Explained

U.S. Government

Our Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787, so that is what we celebrate on Constitution Day. Parents, the students are supposed to ask you a question this week, so make sure they remember to do that! (If you have had a student in my government class in the past, you may remember.) Question: Who is one of the important founding fathers that you have never even heard of?

We went over a lot of government terms in Lessons 1 and 2. For next week, they should complete Lessons 3 and 4 on the Constitution. We talked a little bit about that today, but we will go into more detail in these next two lessons. As with last week, we ran out of time to give the answers to the Crossword in these lessons, so I am giving them now..

Lesson 3 — The Constitution

Across                  Down

1. Bill of Rights    2. Implied
7. Rhode Island   3. Federalists
8. Delaware          4. Supreme Court
10. Madison          5. Amendments
11. Expressed        6. Confederation
12. Concurrent      7. Ratified
9. Reserved
10. Morris

Lesson 4 — The Constitution (Bill of Rights & Amendments)

Across                 Down

1. Liquor             2. Income
4. Black               3. Women
5. Congress        4. Bails
9. Criminal         5. Civil
11. Religion         6. Eighteen
12. Soldiers         7. Trial
8. Warrants
10. Arms

Complete pages 10-12 and pages 14-16.

Watch the following video which tells more about our Constitutional Convention.

British Literature

We delved into a Middle Ages epic poem today and the first piece of literature ever passed down in English history–Beowulf!
We discussed a modernized summary of the story, watched a Powerpoint, and went through a number of devices the unknown author used as we went through pages in our text together. Next week, we will have a quiz on the epic story of Beowulf and two weeks from today, we will have a test on the Anglo-Saxon era of British history. (Next week, we will go over everything that will be on the test.) Also, in the text, students should this week read pages 16-18 and answer the questions about each poem. (Cynddylan’s Hall and the poem about Life in a Great Lord’s Hall) Students were also given a list of literary terms that they should keep in their notebooks as we use them throughout the year. We focused on alliteration today.

Watch the following summary videos to review for the quiz on Beowulf.




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