Assignments for 10/02/2023

Assignments due for the week of October 2nd, 2023

Country path in fall

Quick Looks at Great Books

We actually began discussing our book today and went over all of the questions for the first six chapters in their study guides. We also went over some of our literary terms that Dickens is already using in his writing. We saw his unique use of words in his description of his characters. Before we took our quiz, we watched the BBC version of A Tale of Two Cities. I love this DVD because it has so much dialogue directly from the book.

For next week begin Book Two-The Golden Thread Chapters 1-9 and answer the study guide questions 15-31. We will watch more of the book video in order to visualize the characters. Come with any questions that you do not understand because we will discuss all of your reading before the quiz on this section.


We took our timed PSAT Reading Test today in class. After this, we will begin our grammar review. I will pass their answer sheets back to them next week as well as giving them the correct answers for the Reading test. They can keep all the tests in their notebooks to review at any given time.

For next week, study page 38 in your text on the Principal Parts of Verbs. We will have a quiz next week on recognizing errors in the wrong usage of verbs. This is applicable for the PSAT, SAT, ACT and all other tests on grammar. Note particularly the following irregular problem verbs on the sheet: burst, lay, lie, set, sit, swing, and wring. We will review all of these before the quiz as we go over other grammar rules in your text. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

American History

We took a short quiz today on Chapters 1 and 2 and then went over Chapter 3, giving students names and terms to know from that chapter. We will have a test next week on the first three chapters of our text. It will all be objective—multiple choice, matching, and True/False. I gave you everything to study today. Also, read Chapter 4 on Preparation for Independence. Watch the following brief information about The Great Awakening in history.

U.S. Government

If your son or daughter forgot to ask you a question about a founding father last week, make sure they do that!

We went over Lessons 3 and 4 on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other amendments. The students were given extra sheets explaining each of the first ten amendments (Bill of Rights) and another sheet on amendments 11-27. They were also given which amendments they need to know in detail. (not ALL of them!)

Next week, we will have a quiz on Lessons 1 and 2. They know exactly what to study for that. Also, do Lesson 5 in your notebook. You were given the answers to the Crosswords on page 17 in class. Complete pages 18-20 and watch the following video on the Bill of Rights.

British Literature

We had a brief review of Beowulf before we took our quiz on the epic. Then I gave the class notes about what to study for next week’s quiz on the Anglo-Saxon Age. There is a matching section on it for Beowulf as well, and I expect that they will do really well.

We began the Middle Ages today with a new hero from literature–the knight. This character was a little different than the rough and tumble Anglo-Saxon epic hero! We talked about their code of chivalry and what was happening as we enter that study. Each student was assigned a report to acquaint everyone with this time period in history and literature. They can sit right at their seats and tell everyone what they found for this period. That way everyone benefits from your research. You do not need to hand in a written report, but instead you will be telling the class what you found about your subject. Email or contact me if you have any questions or forget what you were assigned. In addition to your oral report and our quiz on the Anglo-Saxon Age, read pages 20-22 in your text (A Parody of Knighthood) and try to identify what behavior of knights the author is ridiculing. (That’s what a parody does.) We will work on several pages in your text in class and be ready to start covering Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. We will only be reading a summary of two of his tales which I will give you, but we will definitely discuss what the book was about.

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