Assignments for 09/18/2023

Assignments due for the week of September 18th, 2023

Welcome Back

Quick Looks at Great Books

We had a great beginning to our study of the French Revolution, the setting for the first novel we will be reading. For next week, read pages 1-33 in your purple study guide and prepare the oral report you were assigned. If you have any questions about what your topic was or about the presentation, just email me. After we have gone over the pages you read, given our reports, and answered any questions, we will have our first quiz on the details of the French Revolution. It will be great preparation for the events you will read about in this historical novel.

Watch the following brief summary of the French Revolution.


We at least learned today what PSAT stands for as well as the SAT test. Each student should be able to answer that question! We will start taking our timed tests, beginning with the Reading Test two weeks from today. There is no homework for next week. Just be sure to bring back the workbook (syllabus) you were given in class today. We will practice for the Reading Test together next week.

American History

Each class member had a chance to play at least two history games, reviewing basic facts in history, states and capitals, or Presidential trivia. They also completed an American History survey to see what they knew and to tell me what they would like to know more about. We will continue our study by reading Lessons 1 and 2 in your new textbook. Begin a spiral notebook or a section in your three-ring binder for notes from your reading in Lessons 1 and 2. Keep your notes here to study for quizzes and tests. This will help you to understand important facts and people. We will discuss both these chapters in class next week. As we finish each chapter, I will give you the “numbers” you need to know in each review section.
Watch this brief video about the original 13 colonies.

U.S. Government

It was great getting to know each student and seeing just how much they knew about how our government works! We will play the same game we played today at the end of the semester. They will be amazed at how much they know then! For our next class, complete Lessons 1 and 2 in the workbook you were given in class today. I will always give you the Crossword answers on the first page of each lesson. We didn’t have time to do this in class today, so the answers are below. Just write them into your text and finish the lesson from there. The six terms listed on the second page of each lesson can be found in your Glossary on pages 97-99. On the “Evaluate” section, read the questions and be prepared to discuss them in class. You will need to complete pages 2-4 and pages 5-8.


ACROSS                 DOWN

1. Communism      2. Monarchy
5. Aristocracy         3. Fascism
6. Socialism            4. Common
7. Capitalism          8. Autocracy
9. Democracy         10. Cabinet
12. Civil                   11. Right Wing
14. Amendment     13. Law


ACROSS                DOWN

1. Anarchism        2. Civil
3. Abdication       3. Bureaucracy
6. Dictator            5. Habeas Corpus
9. Impeachment  7. Legislative
11. Conservatism 8. Liberalism
13. Executive        10. Due Process
14. Amnesty          12. Autonomy

Watch the following video about the upcoming holiday I bet you didn’t even know about! We will go over Lessons 1 and 2 in the workbook you were given as well as discussing the writing of the Constitution and its authors.

British Literature

We had a great first day of class and started by locating England on a map and answering a number of questions, just to familiarize the students with the United Kingdom. We talked about the differences in Old English, Middle English and Modern English. I loved the participation and enthusiasm of each student! We went over pages 1-3 in their new textbooks. For next Wednesday, read and do your best to answer the questions on The Battle of Malden on pages 4 and 5. Read the three translations of Beowulf on pages 10 and 11 and answer question 2 on page 11. We will thoroughly discuss Beowulf and work on our workbook pages together. Beowulf is the very first piece of literature in British history that was passed down orally for years. Watch the following video to listen to a summary of this epic story. We will go over anything that you do not understand next week. Enjoy!


60 Second Recap

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