Assignments for 12/04/2023

Assignments due for the week of December 4th, 2023


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Quick Looks at Great Books

We finished our discussion of the remainder of the book and watched some “heartwarming” scenes of Eppie as she grew up on the BBC video. Each student was given a Chronolog sheet to review the events of the book in chronological order. We will review the sheet next week and play a Jeopardy review game before we have our final test on Silas Marner.

In addition to getting ready for the test, complete the following lessons in your Literary Terms notebook: Flashback (pp. 62-63), Hyperbole (pp. 4-5), Idiom (pp. 6-7), Imagery (pp. 8-9), and Alliteration (pp. 22-24).


Great job on the ACT Reading test! That subject seems to be a favorite of most of the class. We took the Math portion of the ACT today. Most of this class said that they felt they did their best work in math, so I look forward to the results of this test. Next week, we will begin work on the final part of the ACT—the science section. All answers are included in the reading of each section. We will take several practice science sections so that the students are familiar with the format they will be experiencing.

American History

We went through Chapter 12 and gave numbers to circle of terms to know for that chapter. Next week, we will have a quiz on Chapters 10-12, with a total of 20 multiple choice questions. Also, read Chapter 13, which focuses on the education, technology, and culture of this time period rather than the historical and political events. We then played games to review the U.S. Presidents and our states and capitals.

We will begin our reports on the Presidents next week with the following students:

  • Andrew Jackson — Vlad
  • Martin Van Buren — Maille
  • William Henry Harrison — Hannah
  • John Tyler — Karly
  • James Polk — Hadley

Watch the following 60-second videos of the lives of the Presidents that we will be hearing about next week.

Martin Van Buren

William Henry Harrison

John Tyler

James K. Polk

U.S. Government

Next week, we will have our second major test, covering five lessons. (Immigration, Citizenship, Supreme Court, The Law, and Trial) We will play a competitive game together before we take the test. In class today, you were given the Crossword answers for Lesson 18 (page 69) on State Government. This differs just slightly from what you have learned about the National government. (States’ Rights!) Click here to see the answers again.

Watch this other video that describes the Supreme Court building itself.

British Literature

We watched Acts IV and V on our video before we took our final quiz. It is much easier to follow the comedy as you see the characters’ facial expressions! We also worked in groups to analyze some of the characters in the play. We will play a competitive review game before taking the final test on this play. We will continue with a few remaining pages in your study guides as we discuss the answers together. Complete page 19 in your study guide, and we will go over it together in class.

In addition to reviewing the play and characters, using your British literature text, read the excerpt from Dr. Faustus on pages 61 and 62 and answer the questions on page 63.

Watch the following video about the themes revealed in Twelfth Night.

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