Assignments for 11/13/2023

Assignments due for the week of November 13th, 2023


Hello November

Quick Looks at Great Books

We finished going over the book itself and then went over the Chronolog for A Tale of Two Cities. (Events in the book in chronological order) After that, we had a review on the entire book by having a competitive game between two teams. They did well and listened to all the questions to get a thorough review. Students will receive their graded tests back next week.

For homework Read Chapters 1-7 in Silas Marner by George Eliot. Each person received a study guide for our next book. Look over all of the questions for Chapters 1-7 to assure that you understood what you read. We will watch part of the BBC version next week. We did read the biographical sketch of the author and went over it together.


Each student received a copy of all the correct answers with explanations for the last Math Test (With Calculator). These should be kept in their notebooks for reference and study before they take an actual standardized test.

We continued to review grammar and took two practice tests in preparation for the ACT English Test. We will take a quiz on the 12 Classic Grammar Errors on the ACT (pages 41-42) before we take the ACT English Test.

American History

We reviewed last week’s videos on The XYZ Affair and The Louisiana Purchase. If you have any trouble with them at all, watch the two videos from last week at the bottom of this page. Review Chapters 7-9 for next week’s test. There will also be some review questions from the first six chapters. Just review the questions on your first two tests. The review questions will come from those tests. We will play a competitive review game before we take the test on these chapters.

Watch the following video song to review the Battle of New Orleans and Andrew Jackson’s victory.

U.S. Government

We covered the review sheet of the Powerpoint of Political Parties. Know each of the major parties’ core beliefs as well as a basic tenet of the third parties. We went through the lessons on the two major parties (Republican and Democrat) and also the ones on the President and Vice President. Next week, we will have a test on the following lessons: Voting, Electoral College (Powerpoint and notes sheet, Political Parties (Powerpoint and notes sheet), Republican Party, Democratic Party, President, and VicePresident.

Watch the following two videos of the perks and protection of our President.

The Beast

Air Force One

British Literature

The students received back their tests on British Literature during the Middle Ages. We then finished our reports on the Renaissance years in England and around the world. We spent extra time talking about the history of the Globe Theater and its more modern update in London today.

For next week, read Acts I and II in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. In the study guide you were given in class, read pages 2 and 3 about the play’s characters and answer the questions that follow. Complete pages 6 through 12 to assure that you understand what is happening in the play. We will discuss both these acts and take any questions you may have before we take the quiz.

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