Assignments for 01/15/2024

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Assignments due for the week of January 15th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We finished our study guide for Cyrano de Bergerac together in class today. Then, we started going over the terms we did in our Literary Terms notebook. Next week, we will take the second Cyrano quiz (Acts IV and V) and then take our final test. Before, this we will play a review game to go over the events of the entire play. Since you have no reading for next week, complete the following terms in your Literary Terms notebook: Lesson 20 on Characters and Characterization (pages 52-53), Lesson 21 on Conflict (pages 54-56), and Lesson 23 on Dialogue (pages 60-61).

Watch this final scene from the play we read.


We went over things to remember on an actual test day, and they each have a list for their notebooks. We then played a Jeopardy game to review the information we have covered this semester. We will finish the review next week and finish other instructions to register for the free test in April. If you need to turn in your complete writing plan, please bring it to class next week. Let me know if you have any questions at all. If you had any notes on your vocabulary list, please give that back to me as well.

American History

We spent today’s class period reviewing the states and the capitals and special facts about each of our past Presidents. Even though we do not have these tests for a few weeks, each time we review, you will remember a few that you did not know before! Sooner or later, it will come naturally to you.

For next week, read Chapter 16 in your text on The Civil War. We will finish Chapter 17 next week on The Reconstruction of the South. Then, we’ll be ready of our test over Chapters 10-17. Students will be given a list in the Chapter Review of what you need to study from these two chapters. You need only study those terms I have given you for each of these chapters for the test. We will have a quiz on Chapters 16 and 17 in two weeks, which will prepare us for the upcoming test. The Civil War is a pivotal point in American History, and we will begin our study of a more modern nation after that.

Watch this brief video about the start of the Civil War.

U.S. Government

Today we played the same game we did on our first day of class. It was amazing how much the students knew that they did not know on that day at the beginning of this semester! This was also a great review for our final exam next week. We will do a game review over the entire semester of U.S. Government before we take the 100 question final exam for the semester. We will begin with No-Spin Economics the following week, which will tie in directly with what’s going on in today’s government issues.

Watch this video to review how our government was set up by the Constitution.

Explorations in British Literature

We finished up what the students had already read in their texts and then did some of the pages together. (through page 89) For next week, read the following examples of satire: pages 91-93 and answer the questions after each entry.

Then read the following excerpt on “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift.

Complete page 95 after you have read the proposal. We will complete page 94 together in class.

Watch this 60 second description of satire.

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