Assignments for 01/22/2024

Winter cottage

Assignments due for the week of January 22nd, 2024

Please read assignments for each class you have so that you know what to do for next week even though we didn’t have class this week.

Quick Looks at Great Books

We will still have our game review before our final test on Cyrano de Bergerac next week. I will check your Literary Terms books to make sure you are up-to-date with all of the assignments so far. Since you will have no new reading to do, complete the following pages in your Literary Terms notebook:

  • Lesson 1—Denotation and Connotation (pp. 1-3)
  • Lesson 6—Oxymoron & Paradox (pp, 13-15)
  • Lesson 10—Assonance & Consonance (pp. 25-27)
  • Lesson 26—Genre (pp. 66-68)
  • Lesson 29 Mood & Tone (pp. 74-76)
  • Lesson 32—Plot (pp. 81-82).

We will go over many of these terms the next week in class.

Public Forum Debate

Please bring to class any work to make up for last semester even though we will be beginning our debate class next week. Most of the same group will be staying with me, and we will also add a number of new students! All you will need is a three-ring binder to hold the pages I give you for the new semester. This will be a fun, highly interactive class!

American History

We will thoroughly go over Chapter 16 next week, including circling those terms in the Chapter Review that you will need to know. Continue your reading with Chapter 17 on The Reconstruction of the South. We will also go over the terms in the Chapter Review for Chapter 17 and begin to prepare for our big test on Chapters 10-17. Next week, we will have a short quiz on the Presidents you have been studying—James Polk-Franklin Pierce. There will be ten multiple choice questions with facts about these Presidents. We will also review before we take the quiz.

Watch these short videos about the two Presidents in our reading.

U.S. Government

We will still play the review game and have our final exam next week. Then we will begin the new semester with our No-Spin Economics. All you will need is a three-ring binder to hold the pages I will give you. By the third week of class, you will need the book, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard Maybury. We will see how this book reinforces the principles we will cover. New students who join our Economics class will play the game with us!

Explorations in British Literature

We will continue with our study of British literature. This next week, I will give you the second half of our text which covers to our present day. We will finish our study of the Great Fire of London and our study of satire in the 1700’s. Finish your reading by completing pages 96-98 on Alexander Pope. We will do page 99 together in class. Read Daniel Defoe’s Journalistic Fiction on pages 101-102. We will begin our study of Neoclassical vs. Romantic movements in Great Britain with the second half of our text.

Previous Assignments for School Year 2023 – 2024: