Assignments for 03/04/2024

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Assignments due for the week of March 4th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We discussed the section the students read today and went over the study guide questions. Make sure you are completely caught up with your reading for next week since this is definitely a shorter assignment. The assignment for next week is as follows:

—Abridged version Chapters 54-63
—Unabridged version Chapters 82–103
—Questions in Study Guide 84-93

Public Forum Debate

We finished our last “Candy Bar” debate and began our one-on-one debates. We had lots of questions, most likely because they were topics about which most of the students had a definite view! We will hopefully finish these next week. You have already been divided into two teams for the JFK debate. The teams are as follows:

Option #1— Huck, Wyatt, Eda, Erica, Scott,
Ian, Zachary, Alura, Keely, and Rocky

Option #2 — Cody, Austin, Ben, Autumn, Yuna, Ellie, Zeke, Paul, and Adam

Option #1—Watch clips of Oliver Stone’s 1991”s JFK, specifically Donald Sutherland’s park bench scene, the “magic bullet courtroom scene, and Jim Garrison’s closing argument scene.

Option #2 — Do online research using any of the following phrases: JFK assassination, grassy knoll theory, Oswald patsy, lone gunman, and single bullet theory.

I will give you time in class to meet with your team and share your research. Also, decide on four speaking roles as given on page 33 in your notebook. The rest of the team will be responsible for research, ideas during the debate, and subbing for any sick team members. g the actual debate.

American History

We finished our Presidents’ reports today and went over everything for the Presidents’ test next week. (Presidents 1-24) We also began our game review for Chapters 18-20, which we will finish next week. Continue studying for the test on these chapters. We will have both tests in class next Monday.

Watch this video of our first 24 Presidents.

No-Spin Economics

We had fun today examining all our coins and the one dollar bill. We divided into small groups and saw examples of reeded and clad coins. DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR MAGNIFYING GLASS AGAIN NEXT WEEK!

Watch Crash CourseVideo #5 on Macroeconomics and complete the worksheet you were given today.

Explorations in British Literature

We finished going over all of our study guide questions in class. We also were introduced to Noah Claypole, Charlotte, and the Sowerberrys on our BBC DVD. We then were able to take the first quiz and will take our second one at the beginning of our next class. Be sure to ask questions about anything that you didn’t understand in your reading. We will also take Quiz #3 and discuss these chapters. We left Oliver wounded in a ditch and as yet have no idea of his condition. We will answer questions, discuss the study guide, and watch more of our DVD. Read Chapters 28-40 and answer the corresponding questions.

Watch this clip of Oliver’s encounter with the Artful Dodger and his journey to Fagin’s lodging.

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