Assignments for 02/19/2024

Valentine Day hearts

Assignments due for the week of February 19th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We discussed and explained all of your reading thus far. Continue your reading in this exciting book.

—Abridged version Chapters 28-41
—Unabridged version Chapters 36-62
—Questions in Study Guide 52-77

Watch this video about the Carnival celebration today.

Public Forum Debate

We discussed Inductive Reasoning today and how detectives use this means of gathering evidence to solve crimes. Remember, next week your Sylvia Snidely commercial is due. Plan to set up your video if you taped it or plan to present it to us live.

Also for next week, research the candy bar your group chose as well as your opponent’s choice. One person will present all the arguments for each group. We will decide who is the most passionate and persuasive.

American History

Remember next week begins the rest of our “first half” Presidents’ reports. Here is the order in which we will go.

Andrew Johnson—Brady
Ulysses Grant—Wyatt
Rutherford Hayes—Elizabeth
James Garfield—Jessica
Chester Arthur—Lainey

Feb. 26

Grover Cleveland—Zach
Benjamin Harrison—Daniel

We went over Chapter 19—The Gilded Age. There are lots of inventors and people mentioned in this chapter. I was glad to see that our text spent a good amount of time on the moral character of our Presidents during this time. I went over what you will need to know for your test on chapters 18-20. (Chapter Review People and Terms) For next week, read Chapter 20. (1865-1902) This will be the last chapter included in our next test. Watch the video about Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

No-Spin Economics

We went over in depth your assignment for the day—Chapters 3 and 4 in Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and Crash Course Economics #3. I filled in the blanks for you for Chapter 4, so study that for the quiz next week on Penny Candy Chapters 3 and 4. Also, continue with Crash Course Economics #4 on Supply and Demand. (A basic economic principle you read about in Chapter 3.)

Crash Course Economics #4—Supply and Demand

Explorations in British Literature

We had an introduction today to the life of Charles Dickens and the Victorian Age. We also went over some of the literary terms you will see in the book before we took our quiz. For next week, we will actually start reading Dickens’s famous book and watch parts in class next week from the BBC version on film. I love that much of the dialogue comes straight from the book! Read Chapters 1-14 and answer the corresponding questions in your study guide. Don’t get bogged down with the vocabulary of Charles Dickens—just enjoy the story and his memorable characters.

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