Assignments for 02/26/2024

Valentine Day hearts

Assignments due for the week of February 26th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We took questions before the quiz and then discussed the chapters. We will finish the questions next week and take questions again before our quiz. We also went over pages 11 and 12 in your study guides.

—Abridged version Chapters 42-53
—Unabridged version Chapters 63-81
—Questions in Study Guide 78-83

Public Forum Debate

Great job on the Sylvia Snidely commercials! We will pass back grades next week. We were able to finish one of our “Candy Bar” debates. I will let you know the results of that next week as well. On Monday, we will finish with the last “Candy Bar” debate—Snickers vs. Nestle’s Crunch. Then we will begin our one-on-one debates and do as many as possible next week. Great job choosing a subject and finding someone to take the opposing view!! We will practice a real debate after that with only two teams. For our regular debates, we will have four teams of five (one with four). We will have new judges each time. For the one-on-one debates, we will have 4 minutes for each side with a 3-minute Crossfire. (between the two individuals)

American History

We will finish our Presidents’ reports next week. We will do Brady and Jessica, who were sick today. Then we will finish with Dan and Zach. I will give you everything you need to know about the first 24 Presidents, and then all you will need to do is study your notes. The test will be Monday, March 4.

For next week, study the terms you circled for Chapters 18-20. We will do a game review before we take the test on these chapters next Monday.

No-Spin Economics

Next week we will have a short quiz on Crash Course Economics #4—Supply and Demand. You also read about this basic Economic principle in Chapter 3 of your Penny Candy book. Then we will spend the rest of our time examining in depth our dollar bill and all our coins.

DON’T FORGET TO BRING A MAGNIFYING GLASS TO CLASS WITH YOU NEXT MONDAY. We also played a game to illustrate the benefits of free trade. Watch the following video about the holiday celebrated in the U.S. (today—3rd Monday in February)

Explorations in British Literature

We watched a few scenes from the BBC version of Oliver Twist today in class. We also answered many of the questions you did in your study guides. We will finish the few left and then take the first quiz at the beginning of our next period. After this first quiz, we will take questions, if you have any, and then take the next quiz before we discuss all the questions and watch the video. The quizzes are just a way to keep each student accountable and up-to-date with his/her reading. I think you can already see how Dickens is a master at developing our sympathy for his characters. For next week, read Chapters 15-27 and answer the study guide questions from those chapters.

Watch this short rendition of a scene you read for today.

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