Assignments for 02/12/2024

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Assignments due for the week of February 12th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We will continue in our new book, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Here is the assignment:

—Abridged version Chapters 13-27
—Unabridged version Chapters 16-35
—Questions in Study Guide 19-51

Watch this brief video about the current day Chateau d’If.

Public Forum Debate

We did one last Deductive Reasoning exercise, and the students seemed to do well. They needed to use one other method they had not used before. We also went over and analyzed Susan B. Anthony’s persuasive speech on women’s right to vote. We went over the Logical Fallacies on page 24 in your text. Then each student was given sheets of fallacies with specific examples of each. For next week, you have two things due. First, create a bumper sticker with a phrase that demonstrates one of the logical fallacies. Your bumper sticker must be illustrated!

Then, find an example of a logical fallacy used in an advertisement on television. If all else fails, you can describe an example of the Bandwagon fallacy (Ad populum) That is certainly an easy one to find. Indicate what the commercial was for and how the fallacy was used.

Two weeks from today, you will design a commercial to promote Sylvia Snidely’s run for U.S. Senate. She has enlisted your help to help her defeat her opponent. (See instruction sheet you were given.) You were divided into five groups today who will perform for the class or video and bring in to show to the class this commercial. All students must participate. Be creative and use your imagination! You will have 30 minutes next week to do final preparations since most of you cannot meet during the week. Hopefully, you have decided on what scenario you will use. One person can write the script, or each person could write his/her own lines. You were assigned a logical fallacy to use in your presentation. (Don’t tell the other groups since they will try to guess yours.) You may also use other fallacies if you want, but you HAVE to use the one you were assigned.

American History

Students received their tests back from last week, and almost all of the students did well. On February 19th and 26th, we will have reports on the Presidents before we have our test over the first 24. (March 4) It will be an objective test (Don’t leave any blanks!) with a few facts about each of our Presidents. After we finish our reports, I will review what you need to know for each President. We also discussed the American Age of Industry, and students were given what they need to know from the Chapter Review. (We also learned two pieces of trivia about Abraham Lincoln.) For next week, read Chapter 19 on The Gilded Age. (Make sure you know who “coined” this phrase.)

Watch this video about the history of our famous icon in New York City.

No-Spin Economics

We finished our coverage of last week’s handouts with some great proposals from our groups! Then we finished with today’s sheets. Next week, we will have our first test on The Law (summary video), Penny Candy Chapters 1 and 2, and Crash Course Economics #1. Just study the worksheets you were given on each of the three assignments. They have all the important facts!

Also for next week, read Chapters 3 and 4 in Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and watch the Crash Course Economics video #3. Fill out the sheets you were given for each.

Watch the following video about what you learned today.

Crash Course Economics #3

Explorations in British Literature

We covered all the pages in our text that the students had done. For next week, we will have a quiz on the first seven pages of your study guide for Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. We will talk about the life of Dickens and why he wrote this novel in the first place!! Also, read the “Victorian Voices of Protest”on pages 130-132. Finally, read an excerpt from one of Dickens’s novels (Hard Times) on pages 140-142. (“School Daze, School Daze) Answer the questions on pages 144-145.

Watch the following brief video to gain more information we recently read about the Plague of 1665.

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