Assignments for 04/15/2024

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Assignments due for the week of April 15th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We finished our quiz on Chapters 1-14 in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee today. We then went over the study guide questions. We will talk more about each character. Complete the book this next week, (Chapters 15-31) We will discuss our completed book in our next class.

Watch the following scenes in the movie taken from the book. The funny thing is that Harper Lee helped cast the characters in the movie!!

Atticus and Scout

Dill, Scout, and Jem playing with the tire

Mrs. Dubose

Public Forum Debate

We played “Triple Speak” today, a debate game to improve your thinking on your feet and utilizing your creativity! Then, we spent time in our groups preparing for next week’s debate. We will have two debates—one on minting or ceasing to mint the U.S. penny and one on whether states should or should not ban self-driving cars. We need to start as soon as possible in the class since we have two debates to complete. Our three major debates for this semester will be next week, April 15, Monday, May 6, and Monday, May 20. All debates will be from 9:30-11:00. We will ask parents to come and be our judges. (to decide which side is more persuasive) The two teams NOT debating during the first one will also vote on a winner. We will begin with the Penny Debate, and then end with the Self-Driving Car Debate. Even if our judges have an opinion on each subject, you are voting on the team which was most confident and persuasive.

American History

We went over our schedule of events for the rest of the school year. We have two sets of Presidents’ reports left.

April 22

  • Herbert Hoover — Maille
  • Franklin Roosevelt — Zach Snell
  • Harry Truman — Hannile
  • Dwight Eisenhower — Brady
  • John Kennedy — Erica
  • Lyndon Johnson — Nathan
  • Richard Nixon — Lainey
  • Gerald Ford — Finley

April 29

  • Jimmy Carter — Elizabeth
  • Ronald Reagan — Vlad
  • George H. W. Bush — Zeke
  • Bill Clinton — Joy
  • George W. Bush — Maks
  • Barack Obama — Avalyn
  • Donald Trump — Dan
  • Joe Biden — Emery

On Friday, May 6, we will have our States and Capitals test, on May 13, the 2nd Presidents’ test, and on May 20, our final exam. Students will know exactly what to study for each of these. Next week, we will have our test on Chapters 21-24. (We will do a brief review game before the test.) Also, read Chapter 25 on World War II.

Watch the following 60 second videos on our Presidents.

Warren Harding

Calvin Coolidge

Herbert Hoover


Harry Truman

Dwight Eisenhower

No-Spin Economics

Today, we took our test on Crash Course Economics videos 1-6. Then, we covered the handout on Crash Course Economics #7. Next week, we will have a quiz on Penny Candy Chapters 7-9 and Crash Course #7. Just study the handouts you were given for each of these.

Also, read Chapters 10-12 in Penny Candy and watch the video on Crash Course Economics #9. Complete the handout for this video that you were given today.

View the current debt at U.S. Debt Clock.

Deficits and Debt

Explorations in British Literature

In addition to taking our quizzes on Animal Farm by George Orwell, we also finished our study guide for this book. We did it in class together. (We also watched today’s solar eclipse in Michigan.)

Because we will have half our class gone for HPA for the next two weeks, we will do our Jeopardy review and final test when they return. We will continue with other work in our text.

Queen Victoria’s kingdom turned into “topsy-turveydom” when the nonsense writing of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear came into vogue. Complete pages 148-150 on Lewis Carroll’s writing and answer the questions. Then, read page 151 with a few of Edward Lear’s limericks. Then meet George Orwell (real name of Eric Blair) and read pages 165-167 and answer the question on p. 167.

Watch the Muppets version of Jabberwocky, a nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll.

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