Assignments for 03/18/2024

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Assignments due for the week of March 18th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We discussed all the characters and their fates at the end of the book. We took our final quiz, answered all the study guide questions, and then played a Family Feud style game for team competition to review the book. We will do a Jeopardy review next week before we take the final test. Make sure you secure a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee by the time we return after Spring Break.

Also, for next week, complete the following lessons in your Literary Terms notebook:

  • Parallelism (pages 34-36)
  • Dialect (pages 57-59)
  • Local Color (pages 72-73)
  • Narrator/Point of View (pages 79-80)
  • Plot (pages 81-82)

Public Forum Debate

We continued with our One-on-One Debates and then met as teams to prepare for the JFK debate next week. Make sure you contact any one not there today about what you want them to research or what they should send you to preview. We will judge the debate and know where we’re going after Spring Break.

American History

We passed back the two tests from last week and went through the important events in Chapter 21 and the first half of Chapter 22. Our next test will be on Chapters 21-24. We will have a quiz on Chapter 21 and Chapter 22 through page 341 next Monday. (March 18) Students were given the things to study from the Chapter Reviews. This will be a practice and help you be familiar with a few of those terms for next week. Read Chapter 22 (pages 342-351) and Chapter 23.

We will also do our Presidential reports as follows:

William McKinley—Elizabeth
Theodore Roosevelt—Avalyn
William Taft—Zach
Woodrow Wilson—Lainey
Warren Harding—Shota
Calvin Coolidge—Hannah

Watch this brief video on the Zimmermann Note and the sinking of the Lusitania.

No-Spin Economics

We completed two quizzes today—the Quiz on Crash Course Economics #3 and #5 and the Quiz on our Coins and Currency. For next week, read Chapters 7-9 in Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and watch Crash Course Economics #6.

Explorations in British Literature

We finished going over the fates of all the characters at the end of Oliver Twist. We went through the study guide questions and explained any misunderstandings. Next week, we will finish with a Jeopardy game review and our final test on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

For next week as well, read “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred Lord Tennyson on pages 133-137 and complete the questions on page 137. Read the excerpts of “Aurora Leigh” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning on pages 138-141. Then answer the four questions on page 141.

Watch this brief review of the themes in Oliver Twist.

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