Assignments for 04/08/2024

Field of tulips

Assignments due for the week of April 8th, 2024

Quick Looks at Great Books

We talked about our new book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and went over parts of the new study guide. The historical background is that of The Great Depression and the American South in the 1930s. Then we went over many of the terms in our Literary Terms notebook, particularly ones that applied to our new book. For next week, read Chapters 1-14 and answer the study guide questions 1-34. We will go over any confusing points, so have your questions ready before we take our quiz.

Public Forum Debate

We played two rounds of a “Balloon Game” in which students practiced quick thinking skills and debate rebuttals that would aid them in the future. After that, the students spent the second half of the class period working in their new groups and on their new debate topics. Next week, each speaker should come with a written statement of what they plan to present for their side. Team members should weigh in on anything they feel should be included. Also, practice reading your presentation and get input from your team on how you could improve. Research members should have lots of research on both sides of their issue.

American History

We finished our Presidential reports today with great coverage of Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding. Harding and Hoover were in our chapters we reviewed today. For next week, complete Chapter 24 on The Great Depression. The following week, we will have a test on Chapters 21-24. (April 15)

Watch the following Presidential recaps.

William McKinley

Theodore Roosevelt

William Taft

Woodrow Wilson

No-Spin Economics

We reviewed Crash Course Economics 1-6 for our test next week with a competition between the boys and the girls. Study the handouts you were given for each video. Also, watch Crash Course Economics #7 and complete the handout you were given. We will go over the handout after we have taken the test.

Inflation, Bubbles, and Tulips

Explorations in British Literature

Today we watched a video of Simon Callow as he reenacted “The Death of Nancy” in Oliver Twist. He gave us a good idea of the way Dickens portrayed his scene and how much he put into his presentation. Then each student received a study guide for our last novel this year, Animal Farm by George Orwell. We went over a number of pages in your study guide, background for the novel, and information on Orwell himself. We will do the remainder of the study guide together in class. For next week, read Chapters 1-10 (the entire book) of Animal Farm and come with questions about any characters or events that you might not understand before we take our quiz.

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