Assignments due for the week of March 26th, 2018


Great job in the “Triple Speak” debate game today. We’ll talk about the winners in class next week! Prepare for your one-on-one debate for Monday, March 26. We will have all of them done before spring break so that you’re ready to begin preparation for your next team debate. Remember, if for any reason, you change the topic for your debate next week, email me immediately.

Quick Looks at Great Books

If needed, review the characters, events, and terms we reviewed today for our test on The Count of Monte Cristo. Be sure to bring your Literary Terms notebook to class to be checked. Complete the entire notebook (if you have not already done so) EXCEPT for the following terms:

  • # 11 Form
  • # 14 Repetition and Refrain
  • # 15 Rhyme
  • #16 Rhythm
  • # 17 Run-on and End-stopped Lines
  • # 18 Stanza
  • # 33 Poetic License
  • # 38 Stream of Consciousness.

Explorations in British Literature

Finish your reading of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens by reading Chapters 41-53 and answering the corresponding study guide questions. Mysteries will be explained, pieces will fall together, and many surprising results will occur! Appreciate the genius of Dickens!!


Prepare the oral report on your assigned Shakespeare play to present in class. Make sure you have your copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in class to reenact some scenes. We will watch video scenes from Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing and review some of our reports for the final exam. (You will need a copy of Julius Caesar after spring break.)