Assignments due for the week of November 20th, 2017


Review the practice Reading test at Khan Academy in preparation for our ACT test. (SAT practice reading)

Quick Looks at Great Books

Great competitive review today on A Tale of Two Cities!! Begin reading Silas Marner by George Eliot, Chapters 1-7. Complete the questions for those chapters in your study guide. Be sure to bring your Literary Terms notebook for checking. Our next term will be flashback. Try to identify the use of that one in this week’s reading of Silas Marner. We will watch in class some scenes from your reading.

Explorations in British Literature

Begin Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night by reading Acts I and II. Complete pages 6-14 in your study guide. Watch the following tour of the Globe Theater in London:


Continue your reading in The Taming of the Shrew with Act II, Act III, and Scene 1 of Act IV. Answer study guide questions 12-29.

Watch the following brief clip as Petruchio proposes to Katherine: