Assignments due for the week of September 25th, 2017


No homework this week! Make sure you call your local school district to sign up for the October 25 PSAT test date if you are in 11th grade and would like to take the test. Also, make sure you know what PSAT stands for and what reasons you have for taking the test. 🙂

Quick Looks at Great Books

Prepare the assigned oral report you were given on an event or person in the French Revolution. Read pages 2-33 in
your A Tale of Two Cities study guide. Be prepared for our discussion and a quiz. (Make sure you have a copy of A Tale of Two Cities to begin reading next week.)

Watch the following link for a summary of the events of the French Revolution:

Explorations in British Literature

Read the following modern summary and analysis of the epic poem Beowulf.

We will have a quiz on the basic story line after we have fully discussed it. Complete pages 10-15 in your notebook. Listen to the following link to hear the opening of Beowulf in the original Old English. Sound recognizable?


Read pages 1-19 in the Shakespeare syllabus you were given in class to begin to understand the Elizabethan Age and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Be prepared for a quiz over the material after we have thoroughly discussed it. (Don’t forget the have a copy of Macbeth by next week.)

Watch the following video link for a live tour of the Globe Theater in London: