Assignments due for the week of May 21st, 2018


I’m really excited to see how all of you are going to put into practice all we have discussed this semester as you present your final team debate. Great insights and rebuttals given in today’s game as well! Make sure to communicate with your team this week as you finalize your team’s presentations.

Quick Looks at Great Books

Great discussion and game scores in our review of To Kill a Mockingbird today. Be prepared to take the test on the book on our last day of class. We will also have a game review of the entire year before our final exam. (Complete the Chronolog on p. 16 of your study guide for further review.) Review your Literary Terms notebook and the authors and characters of the six books we have studied this year for the final exam. Watch the following scenes from your reading in To Kill a Mockingbird:

Explorations in British Literature

Great mastery of details in our game review of Animal Farm! Using the Final Exam Study Guide sheets, review for our exam based on the sections we discussed in class. The following literary terms from the original list you were given will be the ones to study for the exam: allegory, alliteration, ballad, blank verse, couplet, elegy, epic, essay, free verse, genre, gothic novel, irony, metaphor, myth, neoclassicism, realism, romanticism, satire, simile, and soliloquy.


Use the crossword puzzle you were given and the Chronolog on page 11 in your study guide for a final review of The Merchant of Venice. For the final exam, review your black folder on the life of Shakespeare, the Elizabethan Age, and the Globe Theater. Study the Plot Summaries you were given and prepare your chosen monologue to present orally. We will do a game review of the entire year!

Portia’s famous trial speech: