Assignments due for the week of January 29nd, 2018


Great job making decisive choices today with creative reasons in our game!! Just a brief assignment this week – find the origin, meaning, associations, and examples of the following words we discussed today:

  • LOGOS: Micah, Parker, Nate, Josh
  • PATHOS: Bailey, Abby, Grace, Jessie
  • ETHOS: Julieann, Sophie, Daniel, Matthew

Watch the following clip and be prepared to identify the faulty logic. 🙂

We will cover deductive and inductive reasoning next week.

Quick Looks at Great Books

Review the characters and events in Cyrano de Bergerac for our test. (We will do a review game in class.) Complete the following pages in your Literary Terms notebook:

  • #22 Dialect – pages 57-59
  • #23 Dialogue – pages 60, 61
  • #29 Mood & Tone – pages 74-76
  • #30 Moral & Theme – pages 77, 78
  • #31 Narrator/Point of View – pages 79, 80

Watch the clip of the closing scene of Cyrano.

Explorations in British Literature

Review your notes for our test on the Elizabethan Age. Begin our study of satire by completing pages 91-93. Read the satirical writing by Jonathan Swift, “A Modest Proposal

Complete page 95 after your reading.

Meet Alexander Pope and complete pages 96-98. Finish your notebook by reading Daniel Defoe’s journalistic fiction about
the 1665 plague, page 100 and answer the questions on page 101.


Continue Romeo and Juliet by reading Act II Scene 3 through Act III and answer the study guide questions 15-30. Watch the clip from your reading.