Assignments due for the week of May 22th, 2017

Quick Looks at Great Books

Review for our final exam by studying the literary terms in your notebook. (You may eliminate Terms 11 and 13-17—the poetical terms.) Review the basic events and characters of the six books we have studied in depth. We will also do a game review of all the material in class.

Watch the following video to review some of the most significant terms:

Watch the following clips from the final scenes of To Kill a Mockingbird:

Public Speaking

Please remember to come to class at 11:10 this week so that we can complete the remaining Persuasive speeches on our final day of class. (You may bring and eat your lunch during class if you would like.) Be prepared to begin class early and be prepared with your speech.

No Spin Economics

Review for our final exam which will cover Chapters 1-13 in Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? as well as the following Crash Course Economics videos– 1-7 and 9-12. We will have a game review over the entire semester in class.

Here are three of the videos with a lot of important information. You can also watch all of the others to review and look over your handouts to review the key concepts.

Here is a brief review of The Federal Reserve:


Review for our final exam by studying your black syllabus on the life of William Shakespeare, the Globe Theater, and the Elizabethan Age. Review the six plays we have studied in depth for main characters and main events. The quizzes today were also a great review for the exam. Fantastic jobs on your monologues today!!