Assignments due for the week of December 10th, 2018


We will take the ACT Math test next week in class. Don’t forget to bring a calculator with you for use on the test. Solve the following problems and turn them in to me:

1. Tanya used 3 3/8 yards of fabric to make her dress, and she used 1 1/3 yards of fabric to make her jacket. What was the total amount, in yards, that Tanya used for the complete outfit of dress and jacket?
A.  4 1/8
B.  4  1/6
C.  4  4/11
D.  4  1/2
E.  4  17/24

2. Mikhail has received bowling scores of 190, 200, 145, and 180 so far in the state bowling tournament.  What score must he receive on the fifth game to earn an average score of 180 for his five games?
A.  179
B.  180
C.  185
D.  200
E.  Mikhail cannot earn an average of 180.

3. In a group of 250 students, 40 are seniors. What percentage of the group are seniors?
A. l.6%
B. 6.25%
C. 10%
D. 16%
E. 40%

Adventures in American Literature

Complete the Chronolog for The Scarlet Letter on page 17 in your study guide in review for our test. We will do a game review and finish discussing the study guide questions before we take the final test.

In your American literature notebook, read the excerpt from Washington Irving’s Knickerbocker’s History of New York and answer the twelve questions on the right side of pages 56-61.

Watch the following short biography of Washington Irving:

Political Science

Read Chapters 12-19 in Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused? Be prepared for an objective quiz over these chapters.

Watch the following video on Capitalism and Socialism:

Quick Looks at Great Books

Complete the Chronolog you were given in review for our test on Silas Marner. We will do a game review and finish the discussion questions before the test.

Complete the following terms in your Literary Terms notebook: Dialogue (pages 60 & 61), Flashback (pages 62 & 63), and Genre (pages 66-68).

Watch the video to further understand flashbacks: