Assignments due for the week of April 30th, 2018


Fantastic teamwork on the debate on self-driving cars!! You are improving each time in your eye contact, vocal variety, persuasive ability, and quick effective rebuttals. The crossfires were especially well-done. Be prepared for your one-on-one debates next week. If you did not give me a final subject, please email me by Friday of this week.

Quick Looks at Great Books

Read pages 2, 3, and 18-26 in your study guide for To Kill a Mockingbird and be prepared for a quiz over the life of Harper Lee and the background information on the 1930’s in Alabama. We will begin reading the novel the following week. We will also finally have our quiz on the lives of Dumas and Hemingway.

Explorations in British Literature

View the following video dramatization of “Jabberwocky” one more time as you follow with a copy of the written poem you were given in class.

On pages 157-159 in your notebook, read the excerpt from The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. Answer the four questions on page 159. Read the poem “The Taming of Cats” by T.S. Eliot and be prepared to discuss it in class. Read the introduction to George Orwell and his famous essay “Shooting an Elephant” and record your response to it on page 163. (pages 161-163) Review pages 146 and 147 for a matching quiz with the Victorian novels and authors that you were given in class. (the selected authors and novels we covered in class on those two pages) If you have not turned in your limerick, please bring it next week. (You will need a copy of Animal Farm by George Orwell for next week’s assignment.)


Complete the Chronolog on page 9 in your study guide to review the play Julius Caesar for our test. We will do a game review before the test as well. Review your black syllabus pages 1-19 on the Elizabethan Age, the life of Shakespeare and the Globe Theater for a quiz. We will begin The Merchant of Venice the following week. Don’t forget to prepare the oral report you were assigned.