Assignments due for the week of October 22nd, 2018


In preparation for the second half of the PSAT Math test, review all the answers you were given and determine how and why you missed certain ones. If needed, review some of the processes at Khan Academy.

Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper to turn in to me in class.

  1. Which type of problems were you the most familiar with?
  2. Which problem (Give #) were you most unprepared to
  3. Choose one problem you missed and give the correct
    solution and why.
  4. In what way did you think the calculator benefited you?
  5. Give the number of any problem that you missed but
    chose a response that matched your answer?

Adventures in American Literature

Prepare your report of the folk hero or tall tale character you were assigned in class. Give the characteristics of the character, his abilities and occupation, and tell a story of his exploits. Email me with any questions you may have. In your notebook, complete pages 47 and 48 about Paul Bunyan and fill in the first three columns. (We will do the Tall Tale Characteristics in class.) On page 49. read the poem about Johnny Appleseed and try to interpret the lines given. On pages 50 and 51, read Mike Fink’s and Davy Crockett’s “Brags” and list their qualities and answer the questions.

Political Science

View the following two videos and complete the study guide sheets you were given.


Political Campaigns

Quick Looks at Great Books

Continue your reading in A Tale of Two Cities by reading Book III—Chapters 1-10. Answer questions 59-72. A new term, onomatopoeia, was used in Dickens’s description of the storming of the Bastille. (Onomatopoeia is a word whose sound suggests its meaning. Ex: plop, buzz, snap)

Watch the following brief explanation of onomatopoeia:

Watch the following clip of the Storming of the Bastille:

Notice the leadership of the Defarges and the red caps of the Revolutionaries. Did you recognize “The Vengeance”?